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College of Prime Ministerial Betterment

Featherbottom and Partners are proud to share our latest proposal for The College of Prime Ministerial Betterment. Located in the historic centre of Oxford, this new college complements the existing 37 colleges.

Aerial Render-01.jpg

This addition is dedicated to its famous alumni who governed the country for the last 14 years, celebrating their contributions to the nation. 

Courtyard Render-01.jpg

Situated off Deadman's Walk next to Merton College, the new campus consists of five separate buildings, each dedicated to a former prime minister.

DC Elevation-01.jpg

Dedicated to David Cameron, one enters through the Division Lobby to the Halls of Austerity. These austere halls of residence celebrate the policy that endured throughout his and other reigns.

TM Elevation-01.jpg

To provide surveillance over the halls and campus, a panopticon tower dedicated to Theresa May and her role as home secretary and prime minister can monitor activities. Surrounding the tower is a hedge maze shaped like the British flag, representing her journey through the chaotic Brexit negotiation period.

BJ Elevation-01.jpg

The campus dedicates a solitary garden space to Oxford alumni who lost their lives during the pandemic. Amongst the memorial is a grand party hall named after Boris Johnson. This straw-roofed event hall celebrates the former prime minister's famous ability to party whilst contemplating the deaths of thousands of Brits.

LT Elevation-01.jpg

Next is the Liz Truss Institute of Economics, dedicated to passing down her legacy and teachings that made her premiership famous for its renegade approach to managing the UK economy.

RS Elevation-01.jpg

Lastly, dedicated to Rishi Sunak, we have his Palace of Plutocracy. Here, we celebrate his contribution in enriching his friends and doners with lucrative government contracts providing PPE, testing and services during the pandemic and beyond.

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