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The Elgin Extension

In response to recent statements by his majesty's government, Featherbottom and Partners propose the Elgin Extension to the British Museum. This aims to unite the complete set of Elgin Marbles in the world's foremost museum of global history.

Elgin Exterior_LoRes.jpg

To achieve this reunion that both Greeks and Brits favour, we propose relocating the artifacts from the top floor of the Parthenon Museum in Athens to a dedicated space at the pinnacle of the British Museum in London.

Elgin Interior_LoRes.jpg

As part of this extension, the current contemporary carbuncle of steel and glass spanning the great court will be replaced with a new painted ceiling, showcasing moments of British exploration that define the museum. These architectural elements make the museum consistent with Sir Robert Smirke's 1823 design, inspired by classical Greek architecture.

Elgin Plan_LoRes.jpg

The new Elgin Extension, situated above the reading room, features large windows between Doric columns, allowing light to illuminate the famous court below. The domed roof is then replaced with a Parthenon inspired roof and pediment depicting the history of the world paying tribute to Britannia, a fitting crown for the world's premier cultural showcase of British and world history.

Elgin Elevation_LoRes.jpg
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