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The Great Lighthouse of Dover

The Great Lighthouse of Dover is a landmark symbol of British trade and commercial resolve, a literal beacon calling out to the world that in the face of international economic pressures, Britain still towers above all.

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Recent external events have put extreme pressure on the traffic around the Port of Dover prompting Dover TAP, a queue of lorries heading to the port and filling the A20 for miles. The lighthouse's significant length of spiral-ramped road is designed to alleviate this issue.

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Inspired by proposals for Watkins Tower in Wembley, the Great lighthouse will be a landmark in the Charlesian style, surpassing the modern carbuncles in London to become the nation's tallest structure.


The grand height of the lighthouse will signal to the continent and approaching ships for many miles away. By tapping into the shale gas below the plot, we pay tribute to the sacrifice made by British dinosaurs of old so the mighty gaslight can shine atop this symbol of British economic might.

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